Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are no longer inevitable.The undertaking of their treatment must be global and well planned to enable a conclusive result. The combination of medium peels, radio frequency and LED are the best procedures currently recognized.





Until recently it was an accepted fact that stretch marks, once installed, could not be effectienty treated. This notion, fortunately, is now obsolete. Although it is almost impossible to make them disappear completely, we are now able to improve them.


Three effective techniques

We now have three effective techniques that combined intelligently allows real results.

The Medium TCA Peel: As for facial & neck rejuvenation , medium peels permit real skin renewal and reallyboosts fibroblasts with a more active synthesis of collagen and elastin. Thus the skin regains more elasticity and tone. It is sometimes necessary to associate this peeling with a surgical sandpaper dermabrasion to accelerate cell renewal. A peel per month is required and one must generally forsee at least three peels.


Radiofrequency: Widely used in the treatment of sagging skin, this modern technique "heats" molecules of dermal collagen and causes their retraction and therefore better skin tone. Added to this immediate effect, follows a delayed reaction beginning several weeks after the sessions. This is due to the stimulation of fibroblasts. The latter then synthesizes a greater amount of collagen and elastin, restoring the skin and giving it more suppleness and elasticity.


The LED: All cells in our body contain photoreceptorsthat absorb light naturally. Photorejuvenation is a very simple and effective process that consists of exposing the skinto a specific light source(LED) which will induce true skin repair. This light isvery gentle and natural. The wave lengths use dare recognized as being completely inoffensive.


a rigorous protocol

To get a good results, it is necessary to carefully observe the protocol that I prescribe. In general, three medium peels at monthly intervals are necessary. Between each of these TCA peels, 8 sessions of RadioFrequency +LED must be carried out.

I also strongly recommend taking a nutrional supplement (nutritional collagen precursor) for two or three months.



3 Medium Peels = 360 € HT + 8 sessions of Radiofrequency + LED = 400 € HT
Fixed price for the overall protocol = 600 € HT