Anti-aging Medicine & micronutrition


With over fifteen years hindsight, I can now honestly say without fear of being misunderstood ; undertaking a simple hygienic lifestyle together with micronutritional supplements certainly allows one to "age without growing old" (a concept that I devolopped in my book).





I began aesthetic medicine naturally and mainly at the request of my patients. Let me explain. Over 15 years ago, I became “passionate” about anti-aging medicine. Having sadly lost, one after the other, three close friends, all being approximately my own age and eaten away by cancer, I immersed myself inpreventive medicine with particular emphasis on micronutrients. I created a concept to fight aging and prevent major diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases). I developed a theory called ESCULAPE then published a book in 2000 : "Aging without growing old."
Many patients, convinced by the usefulness of preventive medicine, joined this scientific challenge and still follow the precepts of this anti-aging concept, more than 15 years later.


Anti-aging medicine and aesthetic medicine=a single entity?

It is these same patients who, seduced by the results of their general health improvement, pushed me to specialize in skin aging too. Their message was simple: "Doctor ,you help us age better on the inside, but you don’t care about our appearance! "I realized then that the outer “shell”played an important role in the everyday life of my patients.

They wanted the inside benefits to be seen on the outside so I followed the necessary training with leading specialists in aesthetic medicine and I started my work as a medical esthetician alongside that of being a micronutritionniste and nutritionist specialist.

Now, with over ten years hindsight, I amcomforted in the idea that the two aspects are inseparable. I am convinced that it is impossible to practice anti-aging medicine without supporting aesthetics, the reverse is also perfectly justified. In my opinion, practising aesthetic medicine without offering global anti-agingcare would be a non-sense!

However this approach should notonly come from the doctor. My belief over the past 15 years is to convince my family and my patients that this scientific and global aging approach is very efficient and very simple to implement provided you really want to become master of your own “aging” process.


Prevention through micronutrients

Personally, I'm not a big supporter of undertaking hormonalaging. Obviously, it is interesting to check the levels of DHEA, Melatoninand Pregnenolone, but I've never ventured farther for fear of playing the sorcerer's apprentice. Growth hormones, cortisol, testosterone and thyroid hormonesare not part of my therapeut ressources. No, for my part, I focused my main areasof prevention on controlling oxidative stress, the basic acid balance, the correct ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 6/omega 3 for the fight against low grade
inflammation. By regularly reviewing patientswho have always believed inthis concept and who still follow the broad principles now, I'm almost certain that I am on the right track and that my efforts have not been in vain. I would go even further, stating that the more I advance in time,the more I am convinced that this line of research isthe right one.