Botox (Botulinum Toxin)


Botulinum toxin (or botox) is a very powerful agent acting on the prevention or treatment of wrinkles associated with facial muscles, especially the upper face. Used with restraint and intelligence, this toxin rejuvenates the face while maintaining the appearance and expression unique to every individual.


It can equally radically treat underarm perspiration.






Botulinum toxin can be used in aesthetic medicine to counteract the deleterious effects of time with a satisfaction rate of nearly 90% of patients. This technique requires a perfect knowledge of the anatomy of facial muscles.

Regions concerned

The preferred areas for Botox are the upper third of the face. Forehead horizontal wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet have been, for many years, the traditional indications of botulinum toxin in aesthetic medecine. The beautiful effect obtained by“opening” the eyes and the rise of the eyebrow tail is always very popular with patients. Secondarily and certainly more cautiously, other anatomical regions may benefit from the positive effects of this toxin: fine lines on the lower eyelids, peribuccal wrinkles, cellulitic or “orange peel” chins’, drooping labial commissures (DAO), cervical cord (anterior border of the platysma ), neck “pleats” , jowls and cleavage wrinkling.


Following of the treatment

By appointment and after eliminating  counter indications, I will ask you to pullsome facial expressions to assess muscle tone in the muscle groups in the area to be treated. This muscle testing will allow me to calculate with more precision, the exact number of units to be injected into each platysma. No anesthesia is necessary. The tiny little balls that appear after subcutaneous injections, disappear within a few minutes.The first effects of botox begin within three to four days and are optimized in a week. Effects should last about four months on average (three to six months following the patients’ kinetisme). With time and repeated sessions, the muscles are more tonic, two sessions per year are usually sufficient.



There are three very similar products currently on the market: Vistabel,  Bocouture and Azalure. There are no rea lrules about these products and the small differences are rather patient related. This is why each patient is given a personal booklet where I note, the product used and the number of units for each muscle after each session. It will then be easier for me to determine which product works best for a particular patient and to re-use the same quantity as well as the same product & technique. There are no allergies to botulinum toxin.



They are generally excellent with near disappearance of forehead wrinkles, crow's feet and frown lines. There is also a true general rejuvenation of the upper face, a much more “lively” look and less tiredness. There are few (very rare) cases of failure related to a patient's immunization against botulinum toxin. This undesirable immunity usually happens when patients do not respect the deadlines between treatments. Personally , I prefer to remain fairly soft with botulinum toxin, clearly preferring to reduce wrinkles in the upper third of the face whilstretaining my patients’ expression and physiognomy.




1 flacon = 280€ HT ; 2 flacons = 420€ HT