Overweight and Obesity - The Redustim


Modern life generates more and more obesity and overweight. Only a global and comprehensive undertaking by a medical nutritionist can increase the chances of returning to a normal weight and avoid the terrible rebound effects. In this difficult quest, the REDUSTIM, a highly modern, innovative, scientific apparatus, is an invaluable ally.





For thirty years I have been working with clients suffering with these two problems. I have seen all sorts of promising diets and schemes come and go, each one more far fetched one from the other; some being downright dangerous. The problem remains the same: it is often possible to obtain short term results but rarely over long term, failures dominate largelysuccesses.


As a medical nutritionist and micronutritionniste, I have studied and worked with various dietary methods with varying degrees of success. There is no question here of developing the advantages and disadvantages of different diets and effective schemes.

I would just like to make a few remarks thatI was led to make during my many years of field experience:

  • Primum non nocere. This is what every doctor agrees to do  by signing Hippocrat’s Oath. Firstly : Do No Harm! This means above all: "no drugs or compounded capsules" for treating obesity
  • Discard any foodstuffs that are too unbalanced
    Prohibit overly aggressive techniques
  • Ban any possible frustrations
  • Encourage a way to revivethe taste for physical effort and  maximize it.


For these reasons, I have over recent years established a food ideal.
I call it "Dr. OUDOT’S Physiological Regime/Diet".  Whilst I can not guarantee 100% results; nobody in the world can claim this, I am pretty satisfied with the results. Moreover, I have noted that with this relatively “slight” frustrating yet very well nutrionally balanced regime, I see relatively fewbreaches and virtually no rebound effects. (the famous yoyo effect!).


I adapt this physiological diet to suit various persons depending on whetherIam treating athletes, children, adolescents, diabetics, postmenopausal women, celluliteproblems orbulimics... Whoever, I try to customize the diet for each patient,so that it is as close as possible tothe physiology of each patient.

Without going into too much detail, I think our modern diet is entirely unfit for our metabolism and that above all there are too many  carbohydrates with a glycemic index that is far too important. This extreme carbohydrate load results in a state of insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia significantly aggravating the tendency to store fat. Patients are caught in a downward spiral from which it is very difficult to extract themselves.


My role is to rebalance their intake, to release their insulin receptors fouled by industrialized food stuffs and reactivate their basal metabolism. All this is perfectly explained to patients so that they may take responsibility for a problem that is slowly killing them.

The primary objective of any medical nutritionist is to help patients lose weight, but not at any price. For my part, I always try to ensure that my patients are in better shape during and after their diet than before they started, optimizing micronutritional inputs.

Fortunately, micronutrion has also made ​​great progress in recent years allowing me to accompany patients who are overweight, obese, have a metabolic syndrome or cellulite, with more relevance and effectiveness. Some nutritional supplements help make the task significantly less arduous and optimize the patients’ efforts.

Also, in the spirit of helping patients, there is now a very modern,natural and nonaggressive technology which gives very good results: it is the principle of stimulation by calcium channels.


For over thirty years, I have tested all kinds of devicesand injections supposed to optimize the alimentary efforts for patients. Very few have kept their promises. Some methods were actually very dangerous and were removed quite logically so from the market.


However, a while ago, I equipped my office with a machine called REDUSTIM. This French machine is very innovative whilst remaining totally safe. The principle is based on the emission of low frequency electromagnetic waves that are able to stimulate the "calcium pumps" and facilitate lipolysis. The main advantage of thisvery gentle and painless method is based on its scientifically proven action on deep fat.


Most machines or injection techniques act primarily on water retention, which explain the same poor results which only usually last a fewdays or few weeks at best.


With REDUSTIM, results are clearly more durable because they are based on deep fat dimunition. Patients themselves can also easily verify the loss by noting the significant reduction of volume caused by the machine. (on average 7cm loss from the waist a size from the hips, and this result is achieved after twelve sessions of 30 minutes). Effectively, fat, being less dense than muscle, is voluminous. Thus, losing fat, you lose volume, this being the supreme object of any self-respecting diet.


In conclusion, fighting cellulite, is practically a fight against the very nature of woman, as it represents true femininity of a secondary sexual character. As a medical mesotherpiste, I have practiced thousands of Mesotherapy sessions in sports medicine and aesthetics. I have almost abandoned this technique since being equipped with this nez machine for the simple reason that the results are better and all that is achieved without injections, therfore being totally painless!


Thus, by carefully combining: personalized nutritional advice + micronutritional support adapted to the type of cellulite (fibrous, fatty or aqueous) + a few sessions REDUSTIM it is possible to obtain interesting results on cellulite which is so difficult to treat.  REDUSTIM smoothes the “orange peel” or “corrugated metal” appearancemost comfortably.



Nutrition Consultation = 30 € HT ; REDUSTIM Session = 50 € HT (12 sessions package =500 € HT )