Fights against acne and its scars, wrinkles, pigmentation marks, skin aging, givesback a glow to your skin, refine its texture ... “skin peels” give your skin a new lease of life.





Superficial rejuvenating peels

Over time, skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles, skin tone is duller and age spots begin to appear. It is high time to act!
With skin peels (made from fruit acids such as glycolic acid, for example), the epidermal cells which seat the imperfections are exfoliated. Stimulation of fibroblasts by active agents of peeling causes “true” neocollagenosis. Within weeks you will feel you are living in a “new skin”.


The results expected of a good protocol for superficial peels are:

  • Stimulated activity of fibroblastic cells
  • Increased tissueelasticity
  • “Liver” spots and pigmentation irregularities lightened
  • Significantly refined skin texture and tightened pores
  • More radiant complexion
  • Improvement of acne and its aftermath
  • Fine lines smoothed

It is necessary to prepare the skin for two weeks before the first peel with a cosmetic product that already contains some acid. Another cosmetic treatment will be prescribed for the days following the peel.


There are no socio-professional effects on life following the peeling. At most, some redness and / or slight flaking of the superficial layers of the skin may occur, proving the effectiveness of exfoliation and stimulation.


A peeling per month three times the first year (avoiding the summer) will find a skin much younger and more toned; following this,  one to two peels each winter keeps the result sustained.
The peel, maybe combined perfectly with other rejuvenation techniques too.




A superficial peel = 70 to 90 € HT depending on the product used and the percentage of acid.




Medium peel rejuvenation

For more mature skin, it is sometimes necessary to use a more pronounced and aggressive skin renewal.
There are currently two ways to achieve a more convincing result  than with superficial peels.

The first consists of having three medium peels with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) one month apart and avoiding the summer season. To get a great result, that is to say a real action on wrinkles in addition to stimulating skin renewal, it is imperative with this technique to obtain scaling. This implies a few “anti-social” days(three or four days after the session). Once this protocol completed, it is possible to maintain the result with just one or two superficial peels every year, thus avoiding “anti-socialism”.


The second way, less desocialising but also very effective, is to have in a single session, two separate peels that will allow substantially the same results as with three TCA peels but without being forced into hiding for three days after each peel: the SPOT PEEL. The skin is simply red for only 4/5 days but can be covered by foundation make-up; then simple and very fine flaking occurs which can also be very easily concealed with makeup. This peel has a remarkable action on age spots, including melasmas, chloasmas, pregnancy masks ...



1 “medium” TCA peel = 120 € HT (foresee 3 peels).

1 “SPOT PEEL” peeling = 350 € HT   includingpost peel products ( + a weeks’healing therapy as well as a months’ regenerative, depigmentation cellulartreatment).