Mesotherapy is an anti-aging treatment that restores a real glow to the skin. It is ideal for revitalizing the skin (Mesolift). It also gives good results in the treatment of cellulite whilst also actively helping the elimination of waterand improving blood and lymph circulation.






Rejuvenation by Mésolift

In the same spirit, mesolift helps maintain the skin and effectively prevent aging. The patient(s) who regularly under go this technique certainly keep skin younger, more toned and more radiant for many years.

This gentle and natural treatment where all the ingredients needed to reduce aging can be injected into the superficial layersof the skin. Th einjection technique is based on the principle of mesotherapy.

Products injected depend on skin type and age of the patient: Non reticulated hyaluronic acid, poly-vitamin cocktails, collagen precursors, silicone, antioxidants, amino acids...

There are two ways for a Mesolift: “coating”;by very superficially hundreds of micro injections into the skin,or deeper micro-spaced papules. Young skin will benefit more from the “coating” technique (needling). However, for more mature skin, the technique of micro-papules is more appropriate.


It is important to practice five to six mésolifts at the beginning, at a rate of one session per month to achieve best results. Mesolifts two to three per year are then sufficient to maintain the results. Mesolift fits in nicely with other rejuvenation techniques (photo-rejuvenation and peels).



1 Mesoliftby“coating”= 90€ HT ; 1 mesoliftbymicropapules= 120€ HT