Some medical acts require a local anesthetic, but the majority are practiced without anesthesia. At most, the application of a local anesthetic cream makes more bearable the vast majority of acts. Thus, fear of pain should never be an obstacle to the achievement of an act of aesthetic medicine. Nevertheless, I am perfectly attuned to the patients enabling me to manage  this type of inconvenience.

Price ? An investment

Aesthetic medine is “comfort and pleasure”, but also an investment for the future, whether personal or family socio-professional.
"One skin, one life"! One Skin in a Lifetime. This is an “image” and “well-being” investment. One does not change one’s skin as you would a shirt! You must learn to look after and preserve it. Alas, applying moisturizer, is often not  sufficient to maintain ones beauty capital.

As you can see, I offer the fairest prices possible given the quality of products and healthcare at my disposition. I urge you quite simply, to consult tariffs that are usually practiced and compare them with my own. Compare what is comparable.




Quality and sustainability of treatment dependson each individuals’ quality of skin, but more importantly, also their lifestyle (smoking, sun, sleep, & a dietrich in antioxidants...).


The important rule is NOT to wait until all effects have vanished before reinjectioning, as results should be even better after the second or third session.

Average results last appoximately12 months for hyaluronic acid and Radiesse and 5 to 6 Months for Botox.




Happily, men are more and more attracted to cosmetic medicine. Results are usually excellent with very few side effects.



The over 70's

There is no age limit to wanting to improve one’s self image & esteem. I personally, amongst my patients have numerous"over 70’s", even 80’s, using cosmetic medecine and who remain totally satisfied. While it would be unrealistic to expect the same results as at 40 or 50, certain acts effectively help moderate the ravages of time.


The medical lifting

Today, thanks to all the new techniques,but mainly thanks to the combined effects of these techniques (hyaluronic acid fillers + Radiesse + Botox ), it ispossible to obtainsimilar results with a “medical” lifting without surgery, anesthesia or “social exclusion”.

Re-tonifying sagging ares(facial oval,cheeks), replumping other areasa nd smoothing wrinkles and folds...
You will finally recover ayounger, more toned and certainly less sad or tired looking face.