Hyaluronic Acid


Intradermal injections of hyaluronic acid, a substance present naturally inthe skin, can fill wrinkles or furrows and restore facial volumes.

The volumizing, smoothing and moisturizing results, are visible immediately. It is highly aesthetic and natural when skillfully practiced.




Filling wrinkles, frown lines and contouring facial volumes has now become a reality ; done safely, for obvious security reasons, with reabsorbable products.


AH = a natural body constituent

Currently, the flagship productis hyaluronic acid. This large molecule is actually a natural component of the organism, largely present in the skin it sadly tends to rarify with age.
This molecule is antiallergenic (therefore unnecessary to perform preliminary tests). Tolerance is perfect and durability varies with the degree of crosslinking/reticulation of the chosen product and the treated area.


Needle or cannula?

Injection techniques have advanced considerably in recent years. The choice between a needle or cannula depends on the area to be treated and the experience of the practitioner. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Only the practitioner should choose; depending on the desired results, one or the other technique will be used. I personally, sometimes use both techniques during the same session.

The needle, however fine, because of its sharp bevelled point, increases the risk of hematoma. It is necessary to perform multiple entry points into the skin. However, injecting is more easily accessible to certain difficult zones to be treated - cannulas may makea "bolus" but restructures deep anatomical areas that have atrophied over time.Thanks to its foam, long, rounded extremity, it allows navigation in totally secure conditions,under the skin, working in fragile areas such as temples, cheeks, cheekbones or dark circles all with one single entry point. It is possible to work a wide anatomical area without pain or bruising. Finally, the subcutaneous, mutiple passages of the cannula (tunneling) cause a reaction of subcutaneous fibrosis that prevents the skin to sag and represents a remarkable phenomena and prevention of facial ptosis.




Hyaluronic acid is used to“fill” wrinkles or furrows, or to remodel atrophied areas. Nasolabial folds, “lions’ frown lines, pupppet lines, cheek wrinkles and foreheads, not forgetting “the valley of tears”all being majorfilling indications.
Lips, cheeks, temples, cheekbones, the medio-facial region, the mandibularrim and dark circles area reas that often requirere modeling. Being able to recreate the volumes that have disappeared over time gives a most spectacular result in most cases.
Hyaluronic acid is not only used to counter the ravages of time. It also serves to improve certain anatomical areas deemed “insufficient” by the patient such as the lips, cheeks, cheekbones ...




The injection corrects the defect and the result is visible immediately. It often improves during the following week. It is necessary to moisturise well especially during the days following the session, enabling, the hyaluronic acid to swell with water and really plump up the areas that have  been treated.

In addition to the immediate result, regularly correcting deepening furrows, the fillers effectively retard the evolution of aging through rehydration actions, fibrosing and plumping with hyaluronic acid.
Moreover, it is strongly recommended to enrichones diet with antioxidants in order to limit a overly rapid degradation of the hyaluronic acid due to chronic oxidative stress associated with aging. This oxidative stress is multiplied in the immediate aftermath of the injection.



How to improve the life of the injection?

A part of the hyaluronic acid is destroyed in the weeks following the session, because of oxidative stress described above and latent metabolic acidosis caused by the modern diet.
Taking quality nutritional supplements can counteract these harmful effects and extend life of the hyaluronic acid by at least 30%.

As a  micronutritionniste doctor, I can give you useful advice and  prescribe the two nutritional supplements that will prolong the beautiful effects of the session. The obvious benefits to be counted are both in terms of comfort and budget.




Modern aesthetic medicine has made ​​great progress over the past decade. The experienced medical esthetician is no longer content to fill lines or wrinkles. He is now able to reshape the face by recreating volumes that have disappeared with time. The face often has a tendancy to “skeletonize” with age. Hyaluronic acid helps soften the appearance of severity and tiredness generated by the passage of time.
The lower part face is inevitably “heavier” with age in rapport to top part. By restoring the curve to the zygomatic and temporal regions, the face is rebalanced and rejuvenated often quite spectaularly yet naturally and aboue all; but also completely safely.




1 syringe = 250 € HT , 2 syringes = 410 € HT , 3 syringes =  570€ HT , 4 syringes = 730 € HT