Radiesse® (hydroxy-apatite)


Intradermal injections of hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), can plump up wrinkles or furrows and restore facial volumes.
In addition to its immediately visible volumizing effects Radiesse has the power of stimulating the synthesis of endogenous collagen, giving extremely aesthetic and natural.
long-term results.





Facial contouring and wrinkle “filling” is usually done with the molecule "star" of aesthetic medicine: hyaluronic acid.
As seen above, this molecule is both effective, safe and gives excellent results which last about a year. It helps plump up the skin, filling in fine lines or wrinkles, replump hollow areas and even create or recreate volume. It's not for nothing that it is the compound most widely used in aesthetic medicine.



Nevertheless, Hydroxy-apatite(Radiesse®) still finds its place in the armamentarium of modern medical esthetiques.
Indeed, this product, in addition to its filling and volumizing powers, has a remarkable skin-inducing action.



The areas treated by this natural product will undergo an effect of stimulization. This effect is often sought through other techniques such as intense pulsed light, LED, radiofrequency, mesolift or skin peelings, it is particularly useful in the aftermath of an hydroxy-apatite injection session. Radiesse is injected exactly as hyaluronic acid using either fine needles or very fine cannulas. Once injected, it will remain for several months in the subcutaneous tissue and allow the recreation of defunct volumes. What differentiates hyaluronic acid is its dermo-power inducer. This term clearly means it has a specific action on the extracellular matrix and is rich in fibroblasts. These cells are real “mini factories” that produce elastin and collagen.



Thus, once produced, this collagen and elastin will give the skin an extremely natural tone,elasticity and durability (12 to 18 months). It is therefore advantageousto use this product in the anatomical areas that need to be toned and restructured such as cheeks, cheekbones, jaw line, the valley of tears and the dorsal surfaces of hands



The effec tof dermo-induction is particularly interesting when accompanied by dietary measures that I will provide you with after the the session. These measures are very important to prolong the beautiful effect of the injections, but also for general health. The prescription of food supplementsproteoglycan is very interesting especially for thin and dull skin thus enabling restoration of thickness and tone.




1 syringe = 250 € HT , 2 syringes = 410 € HT , 3 syringes =  570€ HT , 4 syringes = 730€ HT