Penoplast (penis enlargement)


Penoplasty allows, safely & painlessly, to thicken the penis by several centimeters within 30 minutes. The spectacular results, last between 12 and 24 months.











Real alternative to surgery, "medical penoplasty " with hyaluronic acid is becoming more and more popular. I use a specific volumizing product that gives total patient satisfaction. The aesthetic and functional results are excellent.



Patients wishing to effectively increase the diameter of their penis without surgery.


What product ?

Hyaluronic acid used for this procedure is somewhat different from that used for the face. The amount needed is also more important.

Durability is between 12 to 24 months. Some practitioners use Coleman’smethod and inject fat, however there are certain inconveniences, making ​​me prefer hyaluronic acid (more natural, more firmness and above all, no variation over time with weight,  unlike injected fat).


Technical realization

EMLA anesthetic type cream allows the realization of this act without pain and without anesthesia! As for the face, a small cannula is used to distribute the product over the entire length of the penis smoothly and harmoniously between the cavernousbody and the skin. The procedure takes 30 minutes and the patient can return home or back to work  immediately after. Sexual intercourse is allowed, and even recommended after two days.



Remarkable both at rest and in erection.
At rest, the gain is several centimeters in circumference (up to 8/9cm) and several centimeters in length (hyaluronic acid acts as a kind of splint therefore giving a real effect of lengthening).
The added weight of acid hyaluronic also gives a lengthening effect).
In erection, the net gain is also very noticeable but only in thickness where it can reach 8/9 cm in circumference. This increase obviously depends on the patient's request and the amount of product injected.
There may be some irregularities especially felt on palpation, which tend to disappear with time and can, if necessary, need a small retouch.



If the technique is well controlled and the patient is disciplined in the days following the injection, there are no adverse effects and the results last between 12 and 24 months. The satisfaction rate is optimal both on an aesthetic and functional level.



The price varies depending onthe patient's request and the desired gain. The price depends basically on the amount of hyaluronic acid injected.

Price of the "medical" penoplasty:
ANTIBES : 20 ml : 1600 € /  25 ml : 1925 € / 30 ml : 2250 € / 40 ml : 2900 €