Permanent hair removal


Permanent hair removal by pulsed light is safe and efficient  when performed by anexperienced physician with a modern, powerful machine. Five or six sessions are needed to destroy 90% of hairpermanently in the treated area.





Over the past ten years, modern technology has completely revolutionized hair removal. By causing thermal coagulation of the hair follicle, with no dermal toxicity, and by photon absorption, hair is permanently destroyed.


There are two techniques to achieve this result: the laser and intense pulsed light (IPL). Personally, I have been using pulsed lightsuccessfully for over eight years and practically without the slightest negative side effect. This technology can treat almost all types of hair and all anatomical zones can be treated.


Sessions should be spaced at least one month apart over a 3 month period to obtain a 70%reduction in hair growth in three sessions, both in terms of density as thickness! These sessions must be continued, spacing them more and more. Finally,  after 6 to 8 sessions and according to the anatomical areas treated there will be permanent hair removal (90% less hair); requiring only a maintenance every 6 to 12 months following skin and hair types as well asthe anatomical region concerned.


Some more resistant, hormone-dependent areas, are more susceptible to variationsover time as they are subject to general hormonal stimulation.


This ultra-modern technology best meets the famous triad "Efficiency - Risk - Cost". Pulsed light hair removal is relatively painless except for some more sensitive areas.It is perfectly possible to anesthetize with an EMLA type cream.


The price of a session depends on the number of “flashes” needed.


Some indicative prices (price per session)

Moustache = 30 € HT ; Chin + neck + moustache = 70 € HT ;
Armpits = 60 € HT ;Classicol Bikini = 70 € HT ; Complete Bikini 90 € HT ;
Half leg + knee = 120 to 150 € HT ; Whole Torso= 150 € HT ; Whole Back = 150 € HT ; Forearm = 70 € HT .