Deep peeling : total rejuvenation


The deep peel using phenol is a heavier but totally safe treatment giving incredibly effective results and allowing an incredible gain often to fifteen years ! Indications must be clearly given by a physician perfectly trained in this delicate and difficult technique.





Some people have accelerated skin aging. Either caused genetically, or from too much sun and/or tobacco, their skin has deteriorated significantly causing a mismatch between their face and their physical appearance and especially their state of mind. The face and neck are very wrinkled, with deep and empty furrows, sluggish skin that has lost all elasticity and has many pigmentation problems. This “parchmente type skin can benefit from a remarkable treatment: The Deep Peel.


When the skin has suffered such damage, it is unnecessary to waste time and money on superficial or medium peels which will only give partial and unsatisfactory results. Fillers will provide some strength to the overall architecture of the face but the result will be spoiled by the skin’s crumpled and stained aspect.
The deep peel, in my opinion  is not used enough.  In general, a peeling seems to frighten people a little, especially deep peels.


A shame really because it's an excellent and safe technique in the hands of an expert, even if, one goes through some frightengly impressive stages to the eye for a few days.

In my personal experience, I can honestly confirm that the best results I have obtained in the field of rejuvenation, I owe to deep peeling. As for most acts of aesthetic medicine, we try to stay “soft” and discreet with significant but subtle improvements, especially for deep peeling, which  is a real revolution. But what results! It truly wipes out the signs of past, like a snake sheds its skin!

The product used is phenol which literally liquefies aged skin to make way for new skin, pulped and radiant. The new skin has all the characteristics of younger skin : elasticity, tone, hydration, radiance, skin texture,clarity...


When the formed “crusts”fall after 6-8 days, it's with real wonder that I never tire of seeing. Being totally unpretentious, every time I witness this, I have the feeling of having accomplished a miracle. Effectively, the newly formed skin, by reforming itself, tightens naturally, providing a very natural “lifting” effect. The face is the same, with its own unique character. It is the same person ... but 10 to 15 years younger!

There are many ways to practice this deep peel: very light, light, medium, heavy and heaviest. The choice of the acid concentration is dictated very simply by the degree of degradation of the dermis and epidermis. Obviously, the stronger thepeel, so is the social exclusion long. One must count between 4 to 12 days.


This type of treatment is reserved for highly motivated patients. But, believe me, it's sincerely worth the effort. This peel requires accompanying medication (antibiotics and antivirals). The new skin rapidly appears under the desquamationor crusts but remains pink for several weeks. Nevertheless, one may apply make ​​up from the eighth day allowing a reinsertion of a social and professional life. Sun exposure, however, will remain prohibited for several months. The new skin will remain sun sensitive for life.

If the indications of a “heavy”deep peel are rare and often (sadly) feared, indications for a very light phenol peel are very common and will become even more appealing to more and more patients in the future. In fact, withvery limited side effects, it is quite possible to restore“freshness” to the faceand neck as no other technique can. Personally, I have never encountered a patient disappointed by this very safetechnique.

Moreover, and this is characteristic of this type of peeling, the effects are very stable over time, I often see even today, patients who have had their peeling six or seven years ago, with results still spectacular despite the years that have elapsed.

In conclusion, I am convinced that some patients are sometimes set on multiplyingbotox and fillingsessions, burying the real problem that is aging their face. These patients are never completely satisfied with the results, with good reason. I believe in these cases, one should not hesitate to at least propose this technique which will finally lead toreal rejuvenation of the face and neck.



Safe Deep Peel with phenol : very light  = 1500 € HT
Safe Deep Peel with phenol : light = 1800 € HT
Safe Deep Peel with phenol : Medium or heavy = 2000 € HT